Technological Solutions

Technological Solutions to the developing energy crisis are the only way we are going to stave off the threat of climate change.

We are also promoting Green Electricity. Electricity generated from renewable sources.

Green fund tariffs mean that you pay a premium which the energy supplier invests in renewable energy development. For more information about green electricity, contact your energy supplier.

Green Deal: energy saving for your home – GOV.UK

One of the easiest ways to contribute to the use of renewable technologies is to switch to a green electricity tariff from your energy supplier.

Green supply tariffs mean that your supplier matches a percentage of the energy you use with electricity from a renewable source.

We can give advice on how to use clean, renewable forms of energy to heat your home, your hot water and provide all your electricity needs.

Adding automatic doors

Automatic doors can be very efficient.

Adding automatic doors to your shop are a great way of saving energy and time and this helps your customers saving them a lot of effort while entering your shop. It is much safer compared to normal doors especially in cases of emergency and it can help to prevent many issues.

If you are considering getting automatic doors, click here for more.